Joint Seneca-Woodsworth Facilitated Transfer Program


Exclusion - Students may not enrol in a course if that course lists as exclusion a course they are currently taking or a course they have already passed.

FCE - Full-Course Equivalent - A half (H) course is worth 0.5 FCE.  A full (Y) course is worth 1.0 FCE.  

POSt - Program of Study

Prerequisite - A course required as preparation for entry to another course

Retained Credit - A credit earned from a UofT course taken before the student became a degree student.  The Retained credit counts towards the degree the student is pursuing.

ROSI - Repository of Student Information - ROSI is UofT's student information system.  Students login to ROSI to add and cancel courses, check available space in courses, check their student account, update their contact info and more.  

Transfer Credit - A credit that a student is granted based on previous studies (for example from a course taken at a different institution). Transfer Credit counts towards the degree the student is pursuing.





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