Course Calendar & Timetable



The current 2015 Faculty of Arts and Science Summer Timetable is currently available.

The final 2015 Summer Timetable will be available in mid-March. Summer Visiting Students can enrol in up to 2.0 full credits.


The Fall/Winter 2015-16 Timetable Please note that Fall/Winter Visiting Students are restricted to Part-time status and have least priority for course enrolment. 

The Fall/Winter 2015-16 Calendar includes course descriptions, course prerequisites and sessional dates

Please contact the Visiting Student Program Office if you are interested in applying for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 session. Admission will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Program Advisor.

Visiting Students may enroll only in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science. If you wish to take courses in other faculties such as Applied Science and Engineering, you should contact the division directly. Visiting students cannot take courses offered by the Rotman School of Management or the School of Continuing Studies. Returning Visiting Students cannot repeat courses already taken at the University of Toronto. Applicants should review the Prerequisites and Restrictions section before applying.