Preliminary Summer Timetable

Please note that the information in this timetable is preliminary and may be subject to change. Bookmark this site and keep checking for updates.

The final timetable will be available  in mid-March.

2015 Summer Dates

Section Code Classes Start Classes End Final Exam Period
May 11 June 19 June 22 - 26
May 11 August 10 August 11 - 17
S June 29 August 10 August 11 -17


University Closure
Monday, May 18 – Victoria Day
Wednesday, July 1 – Canada Day
Monday, August 3 – Civic Holiday

Course Listing

Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Course Title Term Meetings Instructor Enrolment Controls
IRE244H1 Labour Relations F Evening    
IRE260H1 Organizational Behaviour F Evening    
Rotman Commerce
RSM222H1 Management Acctg 1 S Day    
ECO100Y1 Intro Economics Y Day/Evening    
SOC102H1 Intro Soc - Inequalities F Evening    
SOC103H1 Intro Soc- Institutions S Evening    
STA220H1 Practice of Stats I F Evening    
STA221H1 Practice of Stats II S Evening    


Quick Facts

  • Register in courses as soon as the registration window opens (date TBA). Access your ROSI account well before the start of registration to ensure you have access to ROSI!
  • Pay at least the minimum first installment of your fees (or officially defer them) by: TBA.
  • Section Code: F-> Classes begin May 11 and end June 19, 2015. Examinations are held June 22 - 26, 2015.
  • Section Code: Y-> Classes begin May 11 and end August 10, 2015. Examinations are held August 11 -17, 2015.
  • Section Code: S-> Classes begin June 29 and end August 10, 2015. Examinations are held August 11 -17, 2015.