HRPA is Canada's HR thought leader and the largest HR association in the country. In Ontario, HRPA regulates the HR profession and issues the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the national standard for excellence in human resources management. HRPA has more than 18,000 members in 28 chapters and hosts the largest annual HR conference in Canada. HRPA is the largest community of HR professionals in Canada. Networking and volunteering opportunities through the Association and its 28 chapters give HR professionals a true sense of belonging.

The following information about the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) provides students with a general overview of HRPA.  HRPA is not administered by or affiliated with the University of Toronto.  You are responsible for obtaining complete and up-to-date information about HRPA and its Certification Process directly from HRPA.  

Overview of HRPA’s CHRP Certification Process

Completion of HRPA’s certification process confers the right to use the title Certified Human Resources Professional and the right to use the initials C.H.R.P. or CHRP after one’s name.

Certification is a “warrant of competence” or “warrant of expertise”

The overarching objective of HRPA’s certification process is to ensure that those HR professionals who are certified by HRPA possess the knowledge and skills in sufficient degree to competently perform important occupational activities and to protect the public interest.

There are a number of interests to balance in setting the certification standard. On the one hand, it is important to exclude individuals who are deemed to be not qualified to do the work; on the other hand the standards must not be so strict as to unduly restrain the right of qualified individuals to offer their services to employers or clients.

Certification Requirements

HRPA’s certification process has five components:

* Membership Requirement
* Coursework Requirement
* Exam Requirement
* Degree Requirement
* Experience Requirement

These requirements may be achieved in any sequence with the exception that the requisite coursework must be completed before attempting the exam. You must be a member of HRPA to write the exam and to have your experience recognized. When all requirements are met, individuals are notified that they have met all requirements for the CHRP designation as established by the Board of Directors of HRPA and their names have been added to the HRPA Register.

Coursework Requirement

The coursework requirement is established to ensure that certified human resources professionals have a solid foundation in the Human Resources discipline. There are two routes to meeting the coursework requirement: (1) by completing the requisite coursework or (2) by demonstrating equivalent preparation in Human Resources. This second route is called the alternate route and will be discussed below.

The coursework requirement consists of successful completion of nine courses. Successful completion means obtaining a grade of 70% or better over all nine courses with no single course below 65%. The nine courses are:

* Human Resources Management (HRM)
* Organizational Behaviour
* Finance and Accounting
* Human Resources Planning
* Occupational Health and Safety
* Training and Development
* Labour Relations
* Recruitment and Selection
* Compensation

NOTE:  If you have taken courses elsewhere you can search for HRPA Approved Courses offered by Ontario Colleges and Universities by clicking here.

Approved HRPA courses offered by CHRM, Woodsworth College

WDW 244 Labour Relations
Subject: Labour Relations
Approved: June 03

WDW260H Organizational Behaviour
Subject: Organizational Behaviour
Approved: Mar. ‘93

WDW347H Training and Development
Subject: Training and Development
Approved: June 03

WDW346H HR Planning
Subject: Human Resources Planning
Approved: June 03

WDW348H Recruitment and Selection
Subject: Recruitment and Selection
Approved: Jan ‘07

WDW378H Employment Health
Subject: Occupational Health & Safety
Approved: Sept ‘04

WDW 367H Compensation
Subject: Compensation
Approved: June 03

MGT 120H+ MGT 223H Financial Accounting + Management Accounting
Subject: Finance and Accounting
Approved: Mar. ‘93

MGT 201H + RSM 222H Introduction to Financial Accounting + Management Accounting 1
Subject: Finance and Accounting
Approved: Jan ‘ 09

MGT 460H or RSM 361H Human Resource Management
Subject: Human Resources Management
Approved: Mar '87/June 2012