Adding & Cancelling Courses:  Fall & Winter

Your student account is managed by Student Accounts, which is also referred to as the Fees Office. The Fees Office is responsible for your tuition and ancillary fees, processing payments, issuing refunds and applying service charges. 


2015 Fall & 2016 Winter Sessions:  Adding/Cancelling Courses

Section Code Final Date to Add Final Date to Cancel (see important note*)
F September 27 November 8, 2015
Y September 27 February 15, 2016
S January 24 March 13, 2016

*Important Note :   The last date to cancel a course or cancel your registration in a session with no academic penalty DOES NOT coincide with the last date to be eligible for a refund.   The refund schedule is posted on the Student Accounts web site.

Cancelling courses and fees implications:  If you decide that you do not want a course, you must cancel it as soon as possible. This applies to courses that you have waitlisted as well as those in which you are enrolled. Please do not occupy a space that you know you do not want. Only by cancelling the course using the SWS will your space become available to another student.

It is important to officially cancel a course as soon as you have decided you do not want to continue in it, since fees refunds are calculated according to the date the cancellation is recorded. Cancellations must be done on ROSI.  Courses that are not cancelled by the deadlines will remain on your record and may count as failures.   A cancellation of your registration in the fall/winter session is subject to a minimum charge. Check the Student Accounts web site for details.

Cancellation of Your Last Course:  The SWS will warn you if you are cancelling your last course. If you do not intend to take any other courses in the Fall 2015 / Winter 2016 sessions, choose the "cancel registration" option. This will ensure that your fees account will be adjusted properly.