2015 Fall & 2016 Winter Registration

Four Steps to Registration

One: Select Courses

Use the timetable to decide which courses you wish to take. Enrol only in program courses. Prerequisites, co-requisites and exclusions are listed in the timetable. Course descriptions must be carefully observed. Students who do not observe these regulations may be removed from courses at any time. Non-program courses will be removed at any time they are discovered and this may have fees implications.

Double-check the time for courses you have chosen to avoid conflicts. ROSI does not check for time conflicts - it is your responsibility to create a conflict-free schedule, unless otherwise noted.

Students using courses taken at another university (including the University of Toronto Mississauga and the University of Toronto Scarborough) as prerequisites must contact the offering department prior to enroling or immediately after enroling in the course to avoid being removed.

Two: Enrol in Courses using the  SWS 

You are advised to register for all courses, including courses starting in January on the following dates:
(Some courses will fill on the first day of registration (including courses that begin in January!)
Registration Start Times:

Registration Start Times:

  1. MGT201H1:  July 15
  2. IRE & Group B courses:  July 16 
  3. RSM courses:  July 29, 2015 at 4:00 p.m

The last day to add courses or make section changes to F and Y courses is September 27, 2015; for courses that begin in January, the last day to add courses or change sections on the SWS is January 24, 2016. During the open enrolment round, you can add/cancel/change your course selections. Remember that some courses have waiting lists.

No course enrollment allowed on ROSI: : August 6, 11, 13, September 11.
On these days DO NOT try to add or cancel courses, or change or cancel "waitlisted" sections.


Three: Pay Fees
To be registered for the fall/winter sessions you must both enrol in courses and pay or defer your fees by  August 25, 2015 or risk being removed from classes!

After this date, students who do not provide proof of payment or that their fees have been deferred (OSAP or Tuition Waiver) will be removed from classes at the begininng of September.

NOTE:  If you enrol in 2016 winter courses only, you must pay at least the first installment of fees by August 25, 2015 to avoid being removed from your courses!

Questions about OSAP or Tuition Waiver? click here.

Four: Go to class!