The following faculty members teach courses in our two affiliated programs: Criminology and Employment Relations:

Professors Emeritus
Anthony Doob , AB, Ph D, FRSC +
Frank Reid , M Sc, Ph D ++

Rosemary Gartner, MS, Ph D +
Mariana Valverde , MA, Ph D, FRSC +

Associate Professors
Rafael Gomez, MA, MIR, Ph D ++
Scot Wortley , MA, Ph D +

Assistant Professor
Matthew Light,  MA, JD, Ph D +

Adjunct Professor
Breese Davies, MA, LLB +

Senior Lecturer
Lori Riznek, MA, Ph D ++

The following are appointed faculty at Woodsworth College

Senior Lecturers
W. Brock MacDonald, BA, MA
Theresa Moritz Ph D
J. Barbara Rose BA, MA
Thomas Socknat  MA, Ph D

Beth Fischer, Ph D
William Watson, BSc, Ph D

Learning Strategist
Sandra Moffat, MA, Ph D

+ Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies

++Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources