Academic Writing Centre

The Academic Writing Centre, Room 214 in the new wing of the College, offers one-on-one help with all aspects of academic writing. You can come in at any stage of the writing process, from the starting point to the final draft, and you can bring the same paper in for several appointments if necessary.  In a 45-minute session an experienced instructor will read your work-in-progress and help you understand the topic, develop an effective thesis, organize a strong argument, document your sources correctly, and improve your grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

We will also work with you on time management, lecture-listening and note-taking, studying and test-taking strategies, or any other academic skills that you want to improve.  The portable documents on this page are examples of the many self-help handouts we offer; you’ll find many more on the main U of T Writing site.

Click here to login and book an appointment.  Once you've logged in, select the type of appointment you want, Face-to-Face or Online, or both, and click on "Appointments by Day" to open the booking schedule. 

ONLINE APPOINTMENTS: Upload your paper--or even just some questions or rough notes--and at the appointed time one of our instructors will add comments and suggestions, then put it back on the system for you to download.  After initially booking your online appointment, you can log in again closer to the appointment time to upload the most current version of your draft.  PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally we run into technical problems uploading commented-on documents.  If your paper doesn’t show up on the system for you to download after your appointment time, our instructors will try to email it to you, so check your inbox.

DROP-IN APPOINTMENTS: these are possible whenever the Centre is open for Face-to-Face appointments.  Most drop-ins happen when another student misses an appointment or cancels at the last minute, so we can't guarantee their availability, but if you can wait for a while (bring some reading!), we'll try to fit you in.  


Portable Documents

Quick Facts

  • Normally, you can have only one booked appointment per week and two booked appointments on the system at a time, including online appointments. As soon as you have completed an appointment, you can book another.
  • When the level of demand permits, we will allow two booked appointments per week and up to three booked appointments ahead. Drop-ins don't count towards the allowed appointment limits--you can have them in addition to booked appointments anytime.
  • Missing an appointment or cancelling one with less than 24 hours notice results in a penalty point being assigned to your account. If you accumulate 2 full points, your booking privileges will be suspended.
  • Our instructors will help you with graduate/professional school application letters and statements, but there is a limit of two appointments for this kind of consultation.