Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) enhances the undergraduate experience of senior Woodsworth College students and provides alumni an opportunity to reconnect with the College.

Program Description
The AMP provides an avenue for professional development for 4th year students and gives alumni an opportunity to engage with Woodsworth College by sharing knowledge and experiences in the work force with mentees in a structured setting. 
Mentees are paired with mentors who match their career interests.  A detailed mentee application form will provide information about previous academic experience, areas of work interest and other personal characteristics. 
Students who participate in the AMP will enhance their networking skills and develop other skills to help them thrive post-graduation.
The AMP is an opportunity for students to find role models within the alumni community; mentors can share experiences and skills that will help students make informed choices about academic programs and career paths that are right for them.
Benefits of Being a Mentor
Mentors will gain the satisfaction of knowing they are helping students understand the unfamiliar and often daunting world they will face after graduation. In addition to guiding students, mentors will also have an increased profile as an active volunteer and supporter of  Woodsworth College. Mentoring is a valuable practice that helps to develop coaching and leadership skills.
What is an Ideal Mentor?
An ideal mentor is someone who has knowledge and skills to impart about their chosen career as well as being able to give mentees insights on how to gain entrance into a particular field.  Mentors should be prepared to make a commitment to nurturing and supporting a student’s development by sharing wisdom, listening and providing supportive guidance and constructive feedback. Maintaining confidentiality is also another important aspect of being an excellent mentor.
Time Committment
All mentors are requested to attend a Mentor Orientation, Opening and Closing Receptions and to meet with their mentees a minimum of three times from October to end of March – an approximate time commitment of 12 hours for the duration of the program.
Contact Us
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