Principal’s Message

A Message from Principal Joe Desloges



This year of 40th anniversary celebrations has given us the opportunity to survey the achievements of the College and those of the many students who have passed through our doors over the decades.

Forty years ago, Woodsworth College was established on the promise of providing a home for students who came to post-secondary education travelling many different paths: most were mature and studied part-time.   From the outset, the promise of a home for mature students was augmented with the guiding principle of providing these students with the supports necessary to ensure academic success and integration into the larger fabric of the University.  By many measures, Woodsworth College has succeeded in this.

From its early history, the College has grown, and as an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and Science, offers strong undergraduate programs of high quality to students both part-time and full-time. Woodsworth continues to offer unique pathways to secondary education through exceptional programs such as the Millie Rotman Shime Academic Bridging Program and the Diploma to Degree joint programs with GTA community colleges.

There have been some wonderful celebratory events held the College so far this year.  Our main 40th anniversary celebration was held on May 28th, a reception in Kruger Hall Commons, attended by many alumni, including former Alumni Association presidents, and  former and current staff and faculty members.  There was also a reunion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Residence. This event was organized by former residents and former student leaders and was a great success.  We also celebrated the retirement of long time academic advisor June Straker with an event to commemorate the founding of the single parent support group twenty years ago - a group June ably led through her tenure here at Woodsworth.

We are always proud of the achievements of our students upon graduation and this year is no exception.  Again, many are going on to graduate schools around the world and others are embarking on careers.  You can read about some of our graduating students here.  Congratulations to all these students and many others on their high academic achievements.

The College looks forward to being able to continue to deliver excellent services and programs for our students in the years to come.  We know that we cannot do this without  the help of the many donors who give to Woodsworth College on an annual basis, so I want to take this opportunity to thank the many alumni and friends of the College who remain committed to supporting our students in their pursuit of academic success.

I welcome any comments and suggestions from all members of our community.  You can email me or call 416-946-0556.